Population and Migration!!

The population and migration increased by the passing of the years and the increased in immigrant populations rather than with people of our country.

The population of illora as incresed for the passing of the years:

Total population:10,440.
Female/male population:female:5,233.male:5,207.
Percentage of population under 20 years old:19,84.
Percentage of population over 65 years old:20,05.
Population increase: (-)2,17.

but the migration and inmigration incresed:676.


The economy is unlikely to succeed given the crisis that exists in the country.external image moz-screenshot.jpg

Bank offices: 10 banks.
Main agriculture:
herbaceous crops:asparagus and barley. Woody crops: olives olive oil.

external image moz-screenshot-1.jpg

Unemployment is growing bigger because so many immigrants and give work to them rather than those of their country.

Workforce:female:3,588. Male:4,025.
Permanent contracts: 72 contracts.
Unemployed female/male population:586


Although there is only one hospital can serve you very well or you can go to a medical consultation in any case it will be more effective because there are five consultations.